Monday, August 23, 2010

It is Actually Monday Today!

Hello Everybody!

I hope you are all proud of me. It's Monday and I am writing to you! I know, impressive. Especially more so since I am in the midst of packing to leave for school on Wednesday! I hope everyone is well and I hope you will start telling your friends about this blog! I'm running low on postcards everyone!

Anyways, since I AM supposed to be packing, I'm going to keep this relatively short. This postcard comes from P. in Taiwan. The text reads as follows:

Love has no fixed meaning, but to me, you smile when you think of someone you love; you cry when someone does something that touches your heart; you can break down in front of him/her/them because you trust him/her/them.

Thank you so much P.! I especially like this idea because sometimes we forget about the love that we can spread just by doing something kind for someone else. The love you feel when someone does something that touches your heart is very important. I think that is what most of the world's love is comprised of, that sort of love for the entire human race.

Your homework for the week (Come on, September is rapidly approaching so you're all getting homework): do something that will touch someone's heart this week. Pretty pretty please. And if you'd like, post your good deed in the comments section. Something that would touch my heart, following me on twitter :)

That's it for today folks! I will see you all next Monday (procrastination willing)!


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