Monday, September 6, 2010

Love From Finland

Hello everybody!

I hope your weeks/weekends were all good! I had a great holiday weekend, made even better by the cooling off of New England! For a few days there, I was going outside in the 90+ degree heat for relief. But now it is much cooler and my roommates and I can sleep comfortably! Because I have to wake up VERY early tomorrow for classes and have spent the day studying therefore did not have time for blogging (although it is still Monday my friends!) I am going to jump right into the postcard!

This adorable card comes from S. in Finland! The text reads as follows:

For me, love is not an emotion but a way to behave. I can show love though I don't feel loving feelings at the moment. Love is recognizing that we are all brothers and sisters and that harming one of us will affect us all.

Thank you S. for your words of wisdom! This is what I've been preaching the last couple of weeks and your words sum it up fantastically! This week, why don't we all try to show some love, to ourselves, to our families and friends, to strangers, and to mother nature. That means no insults (even lovingly), no littering, and please, hold the door for that mother carrying three children, two diaper bags and a latte (although I know you all already would!)! Feel free to post all of your good deeds if you'd like praise for them, or keep them to yourselves and cherish the happiness that comes with helping others in private.

I can't wait to hear from you all! Have a great week and I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend those of you in the US!

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