Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Australian Love!

Hello Everybody!

I'm finally back...for now! I've been busy working hard, studying hard, and reading hard. Unfortunately that meant my blog had to take a back seat. But I accidentally set my alarm for 7 instead of 7:30 this morning so I had a half hour to myself to blog! Now you might be saying, well why don't you wake up EVERY day a 1/2 hour early and blog. Well, my friends, that is a good idea in theory. But I don't get nearly as much sleep as is and don't need to take much more away! So I decided that I will just blog whenever I have time from now on. On the bright side, I have a stockpile of postcards just waiting to be discussed and I will share one of them now!

This card comes from T. in Australia! The text on the back says:

Love is friendship, set on fire!

Thank you T.! I really enjoy that idea of love! Thank you for sharing!

That's all I have for today folks, feel free to add your own comments below, I love looking at them!! I would write some more but I am going to be late for Child Development lecture. I'll blog again soon!

Have an awesome rest of September!

1 comment:

  1. Hello!

    I got your card today :)
    Maybe I start to my own blog too :)

    Girl from Finland :)